With roots set in the rich heritage of Bangladesh; Sadakalo is a brand with a unique concept that features designer clothing only in the monochrome colours of Black & White.

Despite a mere commercial aim, Sadakalo’s brand venture starts from the thought of making a dream come true. A dream that consists of a spectacular range of limitless designs that can spark of with the simple combination of the two monochrome colors – Black and White. Fashion is an inevitable part of an individual’s life. A designer’s motive is to create a feeling of unexpressed desire- so that after hours of passionate work is put into something; the person who required it would be just as passionate to be the one to own it. Sadakalo carefully works on it’s products keeping that one motivating factor in mind.

The 4th of October 2002 brought about the official launch of Sadakalo at Shimanto Square in a small scale outlet; filled with expectation and excitement that was larger than life. Within a short span of time, Sadakalo was blessed by the level of inspiration that was brought on by every customer. This thereby led to the opening of the second branch at Banani even before the completion of one year at it’s first outlet. The continuous enthusiasm of the people at Sadakalo convinced us to proceed with our third branch at the theatrical region of Baily Road and so on to the fourth and largest outlet branded “Designers’ Corner” at Gulshan Avenue in November, 2006; with the prime aim of bringing together the best of Black and White by none other than the works of top designers. With an overwhelming response from the designers themselves, the showroom was successfully launched featuring 10 top designers in the industry. Our fifth outlet was then launched in April 2008 at Uttara from Pahela Boishakh in 1415. Sadakalo also prides itself in its unique theme based concepts.

Sadakalo became a part of DeshiDosh in 2009 at Bashundhara City. Deshi Dosh is a combination of ten fashion houses in Bangladesh; all under one roof. The ten fashion houses are handpicked under the special characteristic that they work on Bangladeshi products. Later in 2010, Deshidosh opened another outlet at Afmi Plaza, Chittagong.

Go Beyond Vision
Sadakalo expanded its reach to fashion enriched international cities such as New York and Florida in the years of 2009 and 2010 respectively. Currently, Sadakalo has eleven outlets altogether- eight in Bangladesh and two in the United States.

Other Tasks
Sadakalo pays their heartfelt gratitude to the nationwide days of significance such as Ekushe, Independent Day and Victory Day. The brand also celebrates Boishakh in the most special way. Occasions like mother’s day, father’s day, Friendship day and Valentine day are being expressed through our very own culture and language.

Beyond Sadakalo
Beyond Sadakalo is an extension of the reputed brand Sadakalo from the house of SadakaloFashions Ltd. Sadakalo started its journey in 2002. It won the hearts of the fashion lovers in this country right after the inception for its uniqueness and elegance