New Ekushe Media Block Design Cotton Kameez Set at Sadakalo

৳ 3,480.00

Product : Kameez Set
Fabric : Cotton
Design : Media Block & Aplic Work
Color : Black & White
Size : 36 – 44
Code : KSC1761K


The New Ekushe Media Block Design & Appliqué Work Black & White Color Cotton Kameez Set at Sadakalo is a contemporary ensemble inspired by traditional Bangladeshi craftsmanship and designed specifically for Ekushe February celebrations. Here’s a brief description:

Material: The Kameez set is crafted from high-quality cotton fabric, known for its comfort, breathability, and suitability for various occasions.

Color: The primary colors used are black and white, symbolizing respect, purity, and remembrance, which are central themes associated with Ekushe February.

Design: The Kameez set features a combination of media block design and appliqué work. Media block design involves printing intricate patterns or motifs onto the fabric using wooden blocks, while appliqué work entails attaching pieces of fabric onto a base fabric to create decorative designs. These techniques result in a unique and visually appealing ensemble that showcases traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary twist.

Occasion: The Kameez set is ideal for wearing during Ekushe February and related events, such as ceremonies, cultural programs, or remembrance gatherings. It serves as a meaningful and symbolic attire to honor the Language Movement and its historical significance in Bangladesh.

Brand: The Kameez set is available at Sadakalo, a renowned brand known for its commitment to promoting Bangladeshi culture and heritage through its clothing and accessories.

Accessories: To complement the Kameez set, traditional accessories such as matching dupatta (scarf), bottoms, sandals, and jewelry can be paired to enhance the overall look and cultural authenticity.

Care: Given that the Kameez set is made from cotton, it can be easily cared for by machine washing with mild detergent. Following the care instructions will help maintain the quality and longevity of the garment.

Overall, the New Ekushe Media Block Design & Appliqué Work Black & White Color Cotton Kameez Set at Sadakalo offers a contemporary interpretation of traditional Bangladeshi attire, making it a stylish and meaningful choice for Ekushe February celebrations.

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Block Print With Aplic Work


Black With White


36 – 44