New Exclusive Cotton Baby Panjabi for Your Little Boy

৳ 920.00৳ 1,420.00

Product : Baby Panjabi
Fabric : Cotton
Design : Media Screen
Color : White & Black
Size : 16 – 36
Code : PGC2026S


New Exclusive Media Screen Design White & Black Color Cotton Baby Panjabi, crafted with utmost care for your little boy. This unique garment seamlessly blends traditional elegance with modern functionality, offering a delightful fusion of style and convenience.

Designed with premium-quality cotton fabric, this Baby Panjabi ensures your little one’s comfort all day long. The soft and breathable material provides a gentle touch against your child’s delicate skin, making it perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a family gathering or a special celebration.

The timeless combination of white and black colors adds a touch of sophistication to your baby’s ensemble, making him stand out with effortless charm. The classic hues exude elegance while allowing for versatile styling options, ensuring your little boy looks his best no matter the event.

But what truly sets this Baby Panjabi apart is its integrated media screen design. Carefully concealed within the fabric, the discreet screen offers a world of entertainment and convenience at your fingertips. Whether it’s playing soothing lullabies to lull your baby to sleep or displaying vibrant colors to captivate his imagination, the media screen adds an extra layer of excitement to his attire.

The user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation, allowing even the youngest users to control the screen with ease. With customizable features and interactive functionalities, your little one will be delighted by the endless possibilities this innovative design has to offer.

Moreover, the durability and easy maintenance of the cotton fabric make this Baby Panjabi a practical choice for parents. Machine washable and designed to withstand everyday wear, it ensures your baby stays stylish and comfortable without compromising on quality.

Elevate your little boy’s wardrobe with the perfect blend of tradition and technology. With our New Exclusive Media Screen Design White & Black Color Cotton Baby Panjabi, you can dress your little prince in style while keeping him entertained and happy throughout the day.

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Baby Panjabi



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Screen Print


White With Black


16 – 36