Premium Quality Media Block Design Cotton Baby Panjabi

৳ 950.00৳ 1,450.00

Product : Baby Panjabi
Fabric : Cotton
Design : Media Block
Color : Black & White
Size : 16 – 36
Code : PGC2027K


A premium quality media block design black and white color cotton baby panjabi is a stylish and sophisticated garment for young boys. Here’s a detailed description of this attire:

Color: The panjabi features a classic combination of black and white, exuding timeless elegance and versatility. The contrast between these two colors adds visual interest and makes the outfit suitable for various occasions.

Fabric: Made from premium quality cotton, this baby panjabi offers comfort and breathability, making it ideal for both casual and semi-formal wear. Cotton is a soft and durable fabric that ensures the child feels comfortable throughout the day.

Media Block Design: The media block design adds a contemporary and trendy touch to the panjabi. This design might feature geometric patterns, abstract motifs, or artistic elements arranged in blocks, creating a visually appealing aesthetic. The black and white color scheme enhances the impact of the design, making it stand out.

Styling: The panjabi is typically styled with a mandarin collar and full sleeves, providing a sophisticated look. It may also include button detailing on the placket for added elegance. The length of the panjabi is usually kept shorter, reaching just below the waist, giving it a modern and youthful vibe.

Quality Construction: As a premium quality garment, attention is paid to every detail of construction, ensuring superior craftsmanship and durability. The stitching is neat and precise, and the fabric is of the highest standard, offering excellent quality and value for money.

Versatility: This baby panjabi is versatile enough to be worn on various occasions, including family gatherings, festivals, or casual outings. It can be paired with traditional bottoms like pajamas or modern trousers, depending on the desired look.

Overall, a premium quality media block design black and white color cotton baby panjabi is a stylish and comfortable garment that combines tradition with contemporary flair. It’s perfect for young boys who want to look smart and fashionable while embracing their cultural heritage.

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Baby Panjabi



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Block Print


Black With White


16 – 36