Premium Quality Media Screen Printed White & Black Color Panjabi

৳ 1,650.00

Product : Panjabi
Fabric : Cotton
Design : Media Screen Print
Color : White & Black
Size : 36 – 46
Code : PGC1923S


A media screen printed white color cotton panjabi is a modern and stylish twist on the traditional attire worn by men in Bangladesh. It features a white cotton fabric that is screen printed with a design or pattern using a specialized printing technique.

The screen printing process involves using a stencil or mesh to transfer ink onto the fabric, which allows for precise and detailed designs to be printed onto the fabric. This printing technique is often used to create modern and trendy designs that appeal to younger generations.

Media screen printed white color cotton panjabis are popular for casual events and everyday wear. They offer a unique and stylish option that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The screen printed designs can range from simple and understated to more elaborate and eye-catching, and they often feature modern patterns and graphics.

When looking for a media screen printed white color cotton panjabi, it’s important to consider the quality of the fabric and the printing technique. Look for panjabis made from high-quality cotton fabric that is comfortable and durable. The screen printing should be done with high-quality ink and precision to ensure that the design is clear and long-lasting.

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Screen Print


White With Black


36 – 46