Traditional Look Media Screen Printed Cotton Fabric Men Panjabi

৳ 1,750.00

Product : Panjabi
Fabric : Cotton
Design : Media Screen
Color : Black & White
Size : 36 – 46
Code : PGC1949M


The traditional look media screen printed cotton fabric men panjabi is a popular piece of clothing in Bangladesh. It is a traditional tunic-style garment that is typically worn by men on formal occasions, such as weddings, religious ceremonies, and cultural festivals.

The media screen printed design on the cotton fabric gives the panjabi a unique and eye-catching look. The screen printing technique involves applying ink through a mesh screen onto the fabric, creating a detailed and vibrant pattern. The designs are often inspired by traditional Bangladeshi motifs, such as paisleys, flowers, and geometric shapes, and they are available in a range of colors and styles.

The cotton fabric used to make the panjabi is lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable to wear in the hot and humid climate of Bangladesh. The tunic-style cut of the garment is loose and flowing, providing a comfortable and relaxed fit that is suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

The traditional look media screen printed cotton fabric men panjabi is a popular choice among men who want to showcase their cultural heritage and add a touch of traditional elegance to their wardrobe. It is a versatile and stylish garment that can be paired with a variety of trousers, including jeans, chinos, and traditional dhotis, to create a range of different looks.

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Screen Print


Black With White


36 – 46