Traditional Media Block Design & Embroidered Single Kameez

৳ 1,680.00

Product : Single Kameez
Fabric : Cotton
Design : Media Block & Embroidery
Color : Black & White
Size : 36 – 44
Code : SKM1788K


Introducing our latest creation: the Traditional Media Block Design & Embroidered Black & White Cotton Single Kameez. This exquisite garment is crafted to perfection, blending traditional elements with contemporary style to create a timeless piece that celebrates cultural heritage and elegance.

Crafted from high-quality cotton fabric, this single Kameez is both comfortable and breathable, making it ideal for everyday wear or special occasions. The classic combination of black and white adds a touch of sophistication, while the intricate media block design and embroidery work elevate the garment to new heights of elegance.

The Kameez features a traditional silhouette with modern accents, ensuring a flattering fit and effortless style. The intricate media block design adorns the neckline, sleeves, and hem, adding depth and texture to the garment. Delicate embroidery work further enhances the beauty of the Kameez, showcasing traditional motifs and patterns that pay homage to our rich cultural heritage.

Whether worn as a standalone piece or paired with complementary bottoms, this Traditional Media Block Design & Embroidered Black & White Cotton Single Kameez is sure to make a statement. Its versatility and timeless appeal make it a wardrobe staple for those who appreciate classic elegance and cultural significance.

In summary, this single Kameez embodies the essence of tradition and sophistication, with its intricate media block design, embroidered details, and classic color palette. It is a celebration of cultural heritage and timeless style, perfect for those who seek to honor tradition while embracing contemporary fashion trends.

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Single Kameez



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Block Print With Embroidery


Black With White


36 – 44