White Color Media Screen Design Panjabi Specialty of 21st February

৳ 1,580.00

Product : Panjabi
Fabric : Cotton
Design : Media Screen
Color : White & Black
Size : 36 – 44
Code : PGC2026K


The White Color Media Screen Design Cotton Panjabi is a special garment designed to commemorate the significance of the 21st of February, known as Ekushe February or International Mother Language Day. Here’s a description:

Material: Crafted from high-quality cotton fabric, the Panjabi offers comfort and breathability, making it suitable for various occasions.

Color: The primary color is white, symbolizing peace, purity, and unity, which are integral to the spirit of Ekushe February.

Design: Featuring a media screen design, intricate patterns or motifs are printed onto the fabric using screen printing techniques. The design may include cultural symbols, traditional motifs, or elements related to Ekushe February, paying homage to the sacrifices made during the Language Movement.

Occasion: This Panjabi is specifically designed for wearing on the 21st of February, a day of remembrance and celebration of linguistic diversity and cultural heritage. It serves as a symbol of solidarity and respect for the Language Movement martyrs and their contributions to linguistic rights.

Specialty: The Panjabi’s specialty lies in its representation of the essence of Ekushe February, embodying the values of language, culture, and unity. It serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and promoting linguistic diversity and cultural identity.

Accessories: To complete the look, traditional accessories such as topi (cap), sandals, and wristwatch can be paired with the Panjabi, enhancing its cultural authenticity.

Care: Due to its cotton fabric, the Panjabi can be easily maintained by machine washing with mild detergent. Following the care instructions will help retain its quality and longevity.

In summary, the White Color Media Screen Design Cotton Panjabi is a special garment that honors the significance of Ekushe February, serving as a meaningful attire to commemorate the sacrifices of the Language Movement martyrs and celebrate linguistic diversity and cultural heritage.

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36 – 44